Yeah yeah Doudoune! Here in my home town we have this saying that the blanket you use to sit in front of tv with is a Doudoune, which refers right away to comfort and cozyness. Well I present to you the Doudoune footwear for men. Women have been in these for a long time. They had the Uggs and now everyone from Cushe boots to Sorel have created a warm comfy lining inside their boots.
Men are now part of the deal. In the same vain as the native Mocassin trend and other tribal influences on footwear, Sebago and many others are offering a comfy boot or a winterized version of spring sneakers. And the fact that the design allows the lining to come out the seams, creates a visual effect of slippers filled with sherpa linning where your feet are gonna get lost and kept warm...